City Creek Property

The City Creek Property is a target for Homestake iron-formation gold mineralization and is comprised of twenty-one unpatented lode mining claims located one mile northeast of the Homestake Open Cut and one mile northwest of the City of Deadwood.


The Homestake iron-formation is the exclusive host for gold mineralization at the Homestake Mine, that having produced approximately 40 million ounces of gold over its 125-year mine-life, is historically the largest iron-formation-hosted gold deposit in the world. City Creek geology is dominated by rocks of the Homestake stratigraphic sequence, including the Ellison, Homestake and Poorman formations that outcrop across the property. The Homestake iron-formation outcrop on the City Creek property is complexly folded and represents the extension of Homestake iron-formation northeast from Caledonia and Main Ledge ore bodies at the Homestake Gold Mine. The Main Ledge and Caledonia ore bodies outcropped within a relatively small window on surface, yet accounted for more than 21 million ounces of gold production over the life of the Homestake Mine.

Numerous gold prospect pits and shallow underground workings in quartz-veined Homestake formation have been located and mapped at City Creek and the stratigraphy at the property has also been mapped by both Homestake and USGS geologists over the years. The City Creek Property was drilled by Homestake Mining Company in the 1970’s and 1980’s, which produced intersections of weak gold mineralization in the Homestake iron-formation in the classic quartz vein, chlorite-arsenopyrite mineralization style of the Homestake Mine. The historic Homestake drilling was widely spaced and did not systematically test the northeast extension of the Homestake iron-formation away from the Homestake Mine and under Dakota Territory’s City Creek Property.


An airborne magnetic, electromagnetic (EM), and gravity geophysical survey is planned and scheduled for the 2013 summer field season. The survey will cover all of Dakota Territory’s properties and will be utilized to screen and refine drill targets including Homestake iron-formation, Homestake Paleoplacer, and Tertiary-age replacement gold mineralization.